Quality and Patient Safety

Patient Safety Updates

Patient Safety

Schneider Regional Medical Center is committed to excellence and patient safety. We invite you and your family to join our team to make your stay with us as safe as possible. We encourage you to become involved with your care during your hospital stay. When the patients and their families work as a team with the physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff, your risk of injury decreases and make your hospital stay as safe as possible.

Ensure Staff Check and Re-Check your ID armband

To ensure your safety during your hospital stay, please make sure that all staff check your ID bracelet before any procedure, test, medication, meal tray, or X-Ray. While checking your armband, the staff will be looking for two identifiers on your armband to ensure the care is being delivered to the right patient. If your ID band comes off, be sure to ask us to replace it.

Fall Prevention

Reduce your risk of falling (PDF)

During your stay in the hospital, we want to ensure your safety. The following information will be helpful in maintaining your safety:

  • Ask for help before getting out of bed
  • Make sure the nurse shows you how to use the call button
  • Call for help to use the bathroom
  • Wear slippers with rubber soles
  • Point out any spills to the staff

Your Medicine

Help avoid mistakes with your medicine (PDF)
It is important that you share with the physicians and nurses any medicine and food allergies that you may have.
Tell your doctor and nurse about all of the medication that you are taking to include over the counter medicine and vitamins.
Be sure to tell your doctor and nurse about any herbal medicine that you are practicing.

Help Avoid Mistakes in Your Surgery

Help avoid mistakes in your surgery (PDF)

To ensure your safety, the staff will ask you the same questions many times. They will ask:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • What kind of surgery your are having
  • What body part will be operated on
  • Before the surgery, your doctor will mark the part of your body that will be operated on with his or her initials using a temporary marker to make sure the correct surgery is performed.
  • A “Time-Out” will be called just before your surgery. This is done to make sure that we are doing the right surgery, on the right part of the body, on the right patient.

ns about your discharge and follow-up care after discharge from the hospital

Help Prevent Errors in Your Care (PDF)
Help Prevent Medical Test Mistakes (PDF)

If you have any safety concerns at the Schneider Regional Medical Center, please contact the Patient Safety Office at (340)776-8311 ext 5000. Or call the Patient Safety Hotline at (340) 776-8311 ext 5092. Schneider Regional Medical Center is committed to resolving safety care issues in a timely manner.

Help prevent the spread of germs

Five things you can do to prevent infection
When visitors or family members visit, kindly remind them to sanitize their hands before and after visiting. Anyone who visits that has a cold or other contagious illness should not visit you while in the hospital.
Hand washing is the best practice to prevent the spread of germs.
Get the flu and pneumonia vaccine if recommended by your doctor. These vaccines can help prevent the illness in the elderly and high-risk patients.