Job Description

Information Technology


Applications Analyst

Roy Lester Schneider Hospital


Application Systems Analyst must apply basic skills in all areas of computer application, provide accurate, quality analyses of new applications and conduct testing and locate potential problems and solve them in an efficient manner. The Application analyst devises and improves systems processes, suggests project recommendations, and analyzes and investigates solutions to various system application problems.

Specific Requirements

The candidate should be knowledgeable about the system application and processes as well as system analysis, and process improvement methodologies. A strong understanding of project management methodologies is required. This role frequently involves , planning, investigating and working with ideas and requires an extensive amount of thinking , and searching for facts to find the root causes of application issues or technical issues which may be impacting a specific application. This person also provides onsite feedback to the SRMC end-users regarding application usages, and helps test system upgrades when scheduled by vendor. This person may also be involved in developing educational guidelines and writing policies and procedures for any application that users may be utilizing. May have to provide on-call coverage support as directed by the supervisor.

Other Experience

Salary Range